Definitely in our Top Ten!

Definitely in our Top Ten!

The Boathouse is a destination that may not be for everyone, but when I came across an article in a local magazine describing it, I took notice. We live not too far from beautiful Lake George but rarely take advantage, instead opting for other places. The article enticed us, so we decided to book a reservation to check it out. From that moment, I had a strange feeling that something very exciting was to take place. Boy, was I right.

From the moment we arrived it was a refreshing experience. We felt like family, greeted by Joe, his wife Patti, Laurie and Mel. We booked the only room available, the Ciara Room, which was both the least expensive and smallest, although plenty adequate.

Arriving early, we had hoped to take advantage of the boat ride as the predicted weather for our short stay looked like rain. We were in luck and went from our car to the beautiful Hacker Craft wooden boat. Again, we felt like family as Joe accommodated us well before check-in at 2:30 PM. The boat ride was fantastic. Joe, a very friendly and personable guy, narrated a wonderful tour and interesting history lesson of Lake George. Soon it began to rain, but with umbrellas up, we continued with even more zest. The sun soon came back out, with Joe explaining that this was the first time he took his beautiful boat out where umbrellas were needed. We arrive back at the Boathouse, thoroughly refreshed and excited.

The next couple of days were just as fun. As we explored the Lake George area, returning to our quaint, lovely boathouse, we felt it was ours. We experienced what it was like to own a camp on Lake George. It is an experience far different from the usual hotel experience. In fact, as I toured the nearby Sagamore Hotel I felt sad for the people there as they probably paid twice as much for less than half the experience. At the Boathouse, we lacked for nothing, and enjoyed the charm of a very homey experience.

At the Boathouse, you just don’t rent a room, you rent a Boathouse. You can choose to sit inside in the great room, or sit at water’s edge, or sit on a beautiful porch to take in the lake. The larger rooms feature lake views and private balconies. All very quiet and intimate.

We found that many guests were returning customers. I got a feeling that we will be too. I just hope that it doesn’t get too popular, as Joe, Patti and crew are going to need a much bigger Boathouse. This one is on my top ten list for sure.

Frank and Angela.