Frequently Asked Questions

We hear the same questions quite a bit, people wondering about our backgrounds and history. So here are a few of the most frequently asked questions, and of course, the answers!

Q: How did we come up with the rooms names?
A: The names of our rooms come from our six grandchildren: twins-Madeline & Isabella, twins-Allayla & Ciara, and brothers Tanner & Mason. The Reis Suite is named after George Reis, the original owner.

Q: How many children do we have?
A: Our combined family consists of three sons, David, Christopher & Gregory, and one daughter, Tasha.

Q: What did (do) we do?
A: Joe was a retired mortgage banker and Patti is a home-maker, mother & grandmother.

Q: Where do you go when you are not at the Boathouse?
A: The Boathouse is our primary home.  During our off time, we split our time between our home in Saratoga Springs & the family home on the east side of Lake George.  We also do some traveling in our off season.

Q: Why do we do this?
A: Our best answer for this question is “because we can.”  We have been very blessed in our lives to have this beautiful home and we love to share it with our guests.  Before the Boathouse was transformed into a bed and breakfast, we entertained friends and family here almost weekly.  We feel it is a gift and felt we should let others enjoy the beautiful setting we are so fortunate to have in our lives.

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